Turning 45: My Thoughts

It’s my birthday month! Yes I am a true Scorpio. All I can actually think about is 50 years old is just around the corner!!!! How scary for me. I was just 25 it seems. (Boy that sure passed by fast!) When life was all about drinking, going to clubs and having fun. Ok, I was never a club person. But anyway, my 20’s was so much better than my 40’s. I could move faster and certainly think faster lol. Here is the only pic I have of my cake. Sorry I cut it. It was so good. 20161116_111211

So what do I have to look forward to this year leading up to 50 in five years? More arthritis, more forgetfulness, buying stronger reading glasses, buying more BenGay, ooh can’t forget buying tums to carry in my freaking purse! Yes the weirdest foods give me heartburn now like my favorite pizza bought from anywhere, also making sure I don’t get hurt while sleeping!!! Yes, it is possible now. I wake up with a nice gift of the stiff neck or lovely back pain. Ah getting older, how grand. Upon closer inspection... George Thomas via Compfig

Is it just me or does every woman at this age go through hot flashes, night sweats (even when it is cold), and talking and forgetting what the heck they were talking about in the middle of the conversation, and last but not least drum roll – going to the another room in the house to look for something and forgetting what it is you are looking for!

Now I can start researching and buying all those anti-aging creams to keep away the wrinkles that we all know are coming. Especially if you can’t afford a Beverly Hills surgeon. Now, is the time for deep meditation and exercise. That way I won’t end up with the flabby arms and butt taken down by gravity. Love ya gravity.

My furbaby is around the same age I am now in dog years. I can also see the how it is affecting him. He doesn’t see like he used to and I think he is losing some of his hearing. Or he could just be ignoring me lol. Shih Tzu’s are very stubborn. 20161004_123856

Yep, that’s your 40’s and what you have to look forward to! Don’t forget AARP is knocking on your door. But I hear the discounts are out of this world. What was turning 45 like for you?

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5 Things I Love About Halloween

Well, It is that time of year already!!!! I get so excited! Can you tell? Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of all time! Ok, I stole that from that Kanye guy. But anyway, for me it is the best holiday. You will see why below…pumpkin

  1. My favorite Holiday of the year because it is so much fun! The season has changed from hot to cold. The leaves are now brown. It gets foggy in certain areas especially down roads that seem spooky. I live in Los Angeles where they filmed the movie “Halloween” and I have been down the street many times doing Hollywood Tours. Very spooky street and I love it! Not to mention all the haunted houses and scary movies during October! 20151028_144110
  2. Candy! There is no candy like Halloween candy!!! I like it all, but I am drawn to Candy Corn Pumpkins. Nothing but pure sugar lol. But so worth it. I get the big bag at Walmart for $4.99 and take it to bingo or work. Yummy, it is so good. I tell you there is nothing cuter than a pumpkin shaped candy corn. Talk about a sugar high lol. Oh, I sometimes share my candy but not often. We don’t get many trick or treaters in my apartment building. So I get to keep most of it. Candy Corn Jason Trommetter via Compfight
  3. Decorated Houses are the best! There is nothing like a haunted house right?? The best decorated houses I have seen have been in Beverly Hills on Roxbury Dr. Yes the same one where Lucille Ball lived on the corner, and they say the house she lived in is still haunted to this day! Yes. I love it. I love to tell my tourists that story. They get all scared. There are many haunted houses in Hollywood, the house where Ozzie and Harriet Nelson lived is very haunted. Lots of haunted hotels too like The Roosevelt on Hollywood Blvd. I have just finished doing small Halloween decorations to my little apartment. I get mine right at Dollar Tree. Talk about a bargain. Hey they have the right price. Haunted Mansion Curtis Perry via Compfight
  4. Pumpkin Everything is at all the food stores! Especially “Trader Joe,s” I found Pumpkin cookies, pies, soups, muffins, cakes etc. I was in Pumpkin heaven! At Target I managed to find Candy Corn Oreo cookies! Which were to die for in my opinion. I will buy them all month. Another goodie I found was Pumpkin Smoothies at none other than “Jamba Juice” and it is also to die for! Actually there are 2 different pumpkin smoothies that they have right now! Pumpkin Pies Christopher Porter via Compfight

Scary Movies on every October! Yes I get really excited. When Halloween is about to come on I get a piece of pumpkin pie with a dollop of whip cream on it and a cup of eggnog. My night is set and don’t let it be a marathon of Halloween movies. You won’t be able to get me away from the TV or computer screen. I love seeing where it was filmed and where Mike Myers fell off of the balcony. But there are so many others to choose from on Netflix or Hulu all year. But I prefer the whole month of October when the weather is just right. Creative Commons License Daniel Oines via Compfight

So there is my list for the best holiday ever! Is it yours also and why? Comment below.

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5 Things I Hate about Carol’s Daughter Products

I thought I would give this line of products a chance to see what they would do for my natural hair at the moment. Well, I watched all the YouTube videos I could on the products and thought to myself, ooh I want to try this and immediately got online and bought the line of CD products. Here are my 5 things I hated about CD products!



1.  Shrinked My Hair

It totally made my hair shrink, I was so looking forward to what this line of products would do for my hair. Especially growing my hair for just one year. Well, I couldn’t understand what was wrong after the 2nd wash. It felt different from when I used my trusted Creme of Nature products. It did not have that silky look to it or that silky feel to it. The curls felt as if they were going up my neck instead of flowing down like I am so used to with my other products.


2. Does Not Smell Good

The smell was not a smell I could take every week while using CD. I found it to be very masculine in smell. Like it was geared towards men instead of women. I prefer a light smell in my shampoo and conditioner. Let’s not even talk about the leave-In spray. UGH!

Beautiful woman with grimace beacuse of bad smell. Isolated on white.Creative Commons License Aqua Mechanical via Compfight

3. Hair Milk Conditioner Did Nothing For My Hair

Again, I saw awesome reviews about the hair milk conditioner that caught my attention and away I went to buy. I was so excited to finally get my conditioner that I tried it that day! It felt good in my hand and it was very creamy. So I thought I have found a great product, that lasted about a minute lol. I left it on for a good 15 min while taking my shower. When I washed it out and felt my hair, I was not impressed. I got out of the shower and started to comb my hair. It shrinked and I felt snapping. It did nothing but help to pull my damn hair out. Boy was I hot by that time. This is my hair we are talking about right? When I let my hair rest for a year with no heat or relaxers, I am doing it for the health of my hair and mostly the growth!


4. Leave In Conditioner Spray Dried My Hair Out

First, how many of us women like dry hair with no luster? I thought not. Well, this is again what I got. I sprayed after the wash and conditioner. I combed through to my ends, big mistake on my part I guess. by the end of the day my hair looked dry and when I felt it, it felt very hard to me. Like it was a holding spray from the 1980’s! Remember Aqua Net, then you get the picture. Just awful. I ended up giving away most of my products to a neighbor.

At the Beauty Shop Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka via Compfight


5. The Cost Is Too Much

No I am not cheap when it comes to buying hair products, but I want them to actually work and do what it claims. Here are the prices:

  • Monoi Repairing Shampoo $18.00
  • Monoi Repairing Leave – In Conditioner Spray $12.60
  • Hair Milk Deep Moisture Curl Set $28.80
  • Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner $10.80

That is my review of the CD products I bought with my own money. I bought the products right on Carol’s Daughter’s site. Try at your own risk. Have you bought any of these products and if so, what were your thoughts?


I Am In The Bingo Bugle Paper

I have been winning at Bingo almost weekly now! Mostly pull tabs. But lately I went from 2 packs to 3 packs and I have been winning regular bingo. So at every bingo hall in Nevada and Los Angeles we have a paper called “Bingo Bugle” and every month they put your picture in the paper when you win. It does not matter the amount of the win. Just be a winner when they show up with the camera!


Buckingham bingoThey seem to show up unannounced, you are in the middle of winning and there they are right there to take your picture. Now there is a way to get your picture in the Bugle and that way is to take your picture with your phone when you win and email it to the paper. Easy right?



bugleNow imagine my excitement when I found out I was right smack on the front cover of the August  Los Angeles issue! OMG!!! I thought and I was off to get as many papers as I could to give out to friends and family. So they could share in my excitement. One friend even asked me to sign it lol! I did it just to be funny. He laughed and took it to show his wife. He also said he would have to follow me to bingo, I am gonna have to keep and eye on him lol. But it was all in fun. I can’t wait to hit the $1199 or the $2399! That will be a real treat! Thanks Bingo Bugle. I am having fun with the issue.

If you would like to see the paper in full here is the link:







Mattress After Mattress

I bought at least 6 mattresses in the past 5 months. Now I’ve had nothing but back pain since I bought them. Which is why I have not posted lately. I have been trying to get the right mattress for me body type. I have not succeeded yet. Which is why I keep buying another mattress.


I wish my bed looked as comfortable as this one in the picture, but that is not the case.  Instead  what I’ve gotten so far is  seems to be firm mattresses instead of  soft mattresses. Now when I go to the different stores  I do take the time to lay down on the mattress for at least 15-20 minutes to see if how it feels to my back and my side and that there are no pressure points . Every time I have seem to have gotten it wrong .


Now the sales people at the mattress store says your body needs at least two weeks to get adjusted to a mattress.  I say bull crap no way. I think within the first 24 hours your body should be well-adjusted to your mattress. Now I’ll tell you what, whenever I have bought a mattress in the past it’s always usually Beautyrest mattresses. But I have never taken more than overnight to get used to a mattress.


Now you know when you don’t get a good night’s rest it messes up your whole entire day. I started having pains in my lower back so I change the mattress this was back in February. I called the actual store to get them to come out and make sure that I wasn’t going crazy and they said yes it was defective. So they were kind enough to bring me out a new one no charge no delivery fee. So I tried to get used to that mattress what I felt in the store was really nice but again I only laid there for 15 to 20 minutes. But when I got it home or when they delivered it I got a firm mattress it seems. So I call the guy back at the store and tell him this isn’t the same mattress. The salesman tells me there is nothing he can do about it, because he just changed the mattress.ON THE ROAD TO BETTER DREAMS akahawkeyefan via Compfight


Okay so I’m left to my own devices so I find another store which is about 2 blocks down the road from the first store. Why was working on the 3rd mattress. So I get in the store I asked the man for the softest mattress area, so he takes me to the area I asked for. I take the same amount of time I’ve made it take longer to try out the mattresses there he’s shown me. I take my time and I pick out the mattress I think that is the best one for me and within my budget I pay for it and I wait for it to be delivered. Okay so he gets here about 4 days later which isn’t bad. So I tried it out overnight, woke up the next morning in pain. My back was so bad I have never experienced pain like this before. The mattress was too firm I don’t know if they change the mattress or what was going on. But it was not the same mattress I tried in the store.


So there is no way I’m sleeping on this mattress again. So I’m on the sofa again sleeping, I’m at my wit’s end by this time. So lo and behold I see a commercial on TV, it is a commercial from Macy’s about mattresses. So by this time I’ve lost over $500 on mattresses! And all that was from working in money I won from bingo. So I go and play Bingo again and win another $500 or more.


The very next day I head over to Macy’s, and I’ll check out the mattresses they have and yes they have beauty rest. So I do my thing laying down on the mattress is a good 15 to 20 minutes I think I even laid on them 30 minutes this time. This time I think I have made my right choice, it gets delivered exactly when they said it would be delivered. I did not have to pay another delivery fee. So now I have my new mattress and I’m so excited, I’ll get right on it and try to see if it feels exactly like it felt in the store. During the night I sit straight up, my back is in so much pain. So get up the next morning and I go and get a memory foam topper to lay on top of the mattress. It has helped tremendously but it’s not there yet. I guess I will have to take at least two weeks to get used to it says the sales people. Really! Have you ever had a bad experience with the mattress? Comment below.
New Casper Mattress - Two mattresses, great look.Creative Commons License iris via Compfight





Cheeseburger Taste Test

Last week I was invited to do a two-day Cheeseburger taste test at the mall here in Los Angeles! I often get these invites in my email or I go on Craigslist to find them. It is a lot of fun to do these from time to time. The rooms sometimes look like this picture below.

Townsville Focus Groups Michael Stephens via Compfight

Now about the cheeseburgers, the first day I was so excited to get in and try the cheeseburgers that I ate nothing all day. By the way, the taste test didn’t start until 7:30pm. Long wait just to eat but I knew I had a few to eat, it was 6 to be exact! The burgers all came from McDonald’s and were quarter pounders. I don’t know if I was just really hungry, or if the first burger really was as good as I thought. It was very juicy and salty with just enough ketchup and mustard with the right amount of pickles and onions. The second came out after we all in the room had time to give a good review. After the second it just went downhill from there! the burgers started coming out very bland with no taste at all. I did give my honest opinion. This survey was all on computer. No writing at all. No the next night the first 5 cheeseburgers were awful but the last one was really good. I ate the whole thing. WP_20160409_20_19_42_RichCreative Commons License Helen Penjam via Compfight

Let me tell you about focus groups in case you have never been to one. Here in Los Angeles, we have focus groups all over. You can find them like I said right on Craigslist.org! Or just sign up for one company in your area. You can also google them and find them that way. I think everyone should try it one time in life. It is fun and you get paid for only 2 hours or less. You are helping bad products not get out to the public. It has been done this way for many years now.

Skokie PL Digital Media Lab Michael Stephens via Compfight

How do you get picked for one? Well, you fill out an online survey first, then someone from the company calls you to go over your answers and give you all the info you need to go about the group and directions on how to get to the focus group site. Once there you are put into groups, sometimes just women or men. Sometimes by age or altogether. It all depends on what the focus group is about. I have to say I have been doing these way back when they used to only put them in newspapers! That never happens anymore right? Now if you don’t use a computer, you are kinda left out these days because that is the only way you can get them.  I have always had lots of fun doing them especially if they are taste tests! That is free food!!! Come on it does not get any better than that. Have you ever done a in person focus group? What was your experience?



The Joys of Bingo

Hi Friends,

Pink bingo cardI am a 40 something year old bingo player and I love it! I have loved bingo since I was a little girl watching the older ladies playing. I also have loved hanging  around older ladies all my life. I never really played with kids that were my age as they were very mean to me. That is another post for another time.

Anyway, I came to find out that there is a bingo hall all over Los Angeles and beyond. I also, found out that a good friend of my Aunt’s named Bea had been playing at this one in particular called Buckingham Heights Bingo! Well, I went a few years back and really sat with Bea and she showed me everything I needed to know to play the game well.


Bea winning!

Let me tell you there is more to bingo than meets the eye. You have all kinds of ways to bingo  just to name a few: double bingo on the 3 cards called Triple Double, there is Bonanza, there is Double Action, also different ways to bingo. Sometimes you have to bingo with 2 cards or 3 cards or 6 cards! It is so much fun to play. I always post about my winnings because I get so excited. It can be hard to win. But now they have little pull tabs like a lottery. Just one pull tab costs $1 so you get a pull tab with a number on it and you can win $1199, $500, $250. I have yet to hit that $1199! But one day it will happen. Because as Bea says you have to be in it, to win it!!!

Now, to the winning  and losing part. I have lost more than I have won but when I do it is very exciting let me tell ya. Did I mention that I have also tried other places here in Los Angeles to play? Well, I have tried In & Out Bingo but the payout is kinda small, you don’t buy packs here you buy by the game which is $1 each. I have tried a few in Burbank also.


I won!

But, my favorites are Buckingham Bingo and The Bingo Club off of the 605 fwy. I go sometimes on Friday or Saturday nights. Lots of fun. They also have $1 sheets, pull tabs and call very fast. I hated it the first time I went, but now that I understand what I am doing, I love it. Great place to play. Buckingham seats about 300 people and The Bingo Club seats about 750 people. The Bingo Club is everyday!!! Buckingham is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Now every bingo hall has a lovely area where20160224_180900 they cook food for us, I love getting Nachos while I play or a nice big wet burrito with red sauce. Then a nice good desert like lemon cake or pie. Makes winning all the better. I also, must have my hot chocolate which the Bingo Club has plenty of, just sitting in a container very hot. I am happy to say I have my favorite table and seat that I sit in every Sunday and I am loving playing bingo. I am not a club person so this in my club. I love bingo. Do you play bingo anywhere or have a favorite game that you leave the house to play?


My Prince Story

Prince AlbumMy Prince story from my early teen years. In the early 1980’s I was a huge Prince fan. I loved his early songs like: D.M.S.R, Soft N’ Wet, Lady Cab Driver, International  Lover and Let’s Work!

Now fast forward a few years to the middle 1980’s when he did an awesome song with Sheila E. titled “Erotic City” I absolutely loved that song and still do to this day. The deep voice he used was different from his other songs. I love deep voices.

So I thought as an early teen it would be so cute to put a banner across my bedroom door saying: WELCOME TO EROTIC CITY! in huge letters in all I believe it was a rainbow of marker colors. Back then we could find banner rolls of paper so easy. I kept one for my door.

Now, I had it so pretty and colorful. Now I am not even 16 yet. So my bedroom was on one side of the apartment and my parents was on the other side. Well, my dad and landlord saw it! My dad almost killed me lol. My dad was old school in every way! You didn’t talk back, you respect your elders at all times and you stay a child as long as possible. My dad was then in his early 60’s. Yes he had me at 48 years old. My mother was 32 years old.

Well, I didn’t really know what it meant Erotic City! I just thought it was cute to put on the door because the song was very popular. You couldn’t turn the radio on without hearing the song. It was everywhere at the time. I just really liked Prince then and his music. I also liked Morris Day and The Time. To me it was not anything sexual, just a song I loved and wanted to show whoever came over to the house how much I loved it. Looking back now I am so embarrassed. But that was the Prince days. He ruled back then. RIP Prince and thanks for the great music. What are your favorite songs? Leave comments below please.

Review of All Shook Up!

Joan Gansky and I

Joan and I

Saturday the 26th of March, I went along with a good friend Joan to see a wonderful musical comedy called ALL SHOOK UP! At the Morgan-Wixson Theatre. It has been around since the 1960’s. It also located right on Pico Blvd. in the heart of Santa Monica. The theatre was very intimate, seating about 200 people. There was not a bad seat in the house! But if you sat in the first row you had to look up instead of out at the stage, also the cast comes down to sit and sing. There were programs available to take and only magnets for sale. I really wanted a t-shirt! 20160328_124345

On to the musical now, talk about a great fun show to see. I am a huge Elvis Presley fan, I have been since I was a teenager! I love him from the 50’s to the 70’s! Did he do a bad song? I think NOT. I am also in a 25-year-old Elvis Presley fan club called The Jailhouse Rockers of Ca. Only two of us attended this night. It would have been so nice to have a group of 10 or more.

Well, this musical was so much fun. I found myself bopping along to the music the whole time. Yes, there was dialogue but they would break right into a song and it was awesome!!! The lead was a character based on Elvis named Chad, boy he was great he really did his homework. No he was not trying to be Elvis or an impersonator. He just sang in his own wonderful almost opera like voice. So beautiful. There was another character that really stood out and that was Sylvia! Boy what a powerhouse voice she had on her! I don’t think she even needs a mike. Also, Chad thought he was a total ladies man but couldn’t get the woman he wanted like he thought. Chad found himself in love with  a man (or so he thought), named Ed! Ed was played a character named Natalie by the way is only 15 years old with a voice that is out of this world.

One other character stood out by the name of Dennis! No one loved him so he felt until the end. He really played his role great! By the way he is engaged to one of the cast members who played Miss Sandra. Dennis loved Natalie but Natalie loved Chad.The whole cast did a really great job entertaining us. The play will be here until April 2nd!

Here are the songs they did in the musical. It lasted 2 hours with 1 intermission. I highly recommend seeing this fun musical comedy. You won’t regret it.